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The Brand

We wanted to make cosmetic products that would make your face more beautiful day by day. We hope ID AZ will
be the brand that can give you that joy.

Just like a counsellor who understands women better than anyone else and understands women’s
constant search for ideal true beauty. And like a professor, who has solid know-how and experience,
ID AZ is now going to make PLA cosmetic products, the only products in the world that can change,
not only the skin but also the facial shape.

I design, Small Face A to Z

Not only will the skin tone be improved, but also the shape of the face will change,
Now, we give you the answer for transforming into a small and defined face
by taking care of the facial shape.

ID.AZ Creative Director Sang Hoon Park

3D Design Solution that completes a ‘small face’
After diagnosing your facial shape above, then following the exclusive ‘4 Core Prescriptions’ of ID AZ will be as if you received a facial design by Doctor Sang Hoon Park, the Creative Designer specialized in creating small faces.

  • Creating a small face by Slimming, Volumizing,
    Tightening on T/A/V zone.

    We make a precise diagnosis on the areas that need change
    according to the facial shape, and our customized care
    with slimming, volumizing, and tightening effect will solve
    the problem of contouring complex for each facial shape.
  • Daily care that helps you regain healthy skin through self-recovery
    Daily care skincare products were started for caring for the skin post-surgery
    for fast recovery and treatment after facial bone surgery at our plastic surgery hospital.
    The products have been creating healthy skin that endures external irritation
    by soothing the extremely irritated skin after surgery and recovering,
    and helping with skin regeneration.
    This skincare method built up for years is compressed to basic skin care product line,
    which will give similar results like after-care treatments given after surgery.
  • Immediate S.O.S solution with a concentrated care on
    for the problem areas

    ID.AZ is a special care that satisfies the needs of skin
    conditions which change every day. ID.AZ’s exclusive mask line,
    an innovative mask created to hold the maximum amount of essence
    required for this type of special care. ‘Skin Advice’ mask is created
    for special home use anytime using a mask sheet every day.
  • It contains sea whip extract, pumpkin seed oil, and vitamin
    K3 which are excellent for Real after-care solutions

    Simple! Convenient! Fast! Reliable!
    R.A.C Swelling care product line that not only takes care of swelling
    but also skin problems. It contains Real after-care components,
    which were researched and developed by ID.AZ. It is after-care product line
    that takes care of the swelling and relieves the sensitive skin